Wonderwood Explorers was set up to provide children access to fantastic woodland locations where they can explorer, play, create, learn and have amazing adventures in a safe environment. Our Forest School leaders will introduce our explorers to new skills such as fire lighting, tool use, nature crafts, games and good old fashioned outdoor fun, as well as giving them time and space to purses their own interests and build on their development.

Wonderwood Explorers

Wonderwood Clubs

As of Summer 2018 we will be hosting holiday clubs so children ages 5-11 years can spend the whole day getting muddy and climbing trees, as well as learning, new skills such as knots, den building, whittling and fire lighting.

When children are given the space to explore in nature it helps them to build confidence, independence, and self-esteem. Forest school teaches the children to manage their play boundaries, asses’ risks and look out for each other.

Now booking for spring Little Explorers Club, come and join the fun!

Rural Life Centre Farnham, 17th April 2018 to 22nd May 2018

Little Explorers

Now booking! These 6 sessions will see more nature play, crafts, slackline walking, nature walks, stories, free play and fire snacks. Trial sessions available and if you would like to join part way though we only charge for the sessions left in the ter

Coming Soon! When children are given the space to explore in nature it helps them to build confidence, independence, and self-esteem. Our weekend club will give children access to fantastic woodland locations to play and learn new skills.

Wonderwood Explorers
 Wild Parties

What better way to celebrate your birthday than having a wild time with your friends. Our parties can include woodland games, den building, nature art activities, whittling sticks and toasting marshmallows. We can even theme the parties to fit your child’s interests such as Minecraft, Woodland Fairy or Spy Academy. We can come to you if you have a suitable garden or bring the party to one of our sites.

Forest school for schools

We can host Forest School sessions at your school or one of our sites. Forest School with its emphasis on child lead activities in a natural environment helps to foster confidence as it gives the children time and space to work on their interests and attempt new challenges they themselves have selected. Leaders encourage the children to explore with in the set boundaries and take appropriate risks. This helps promote creative learning as the children have all of nature at hand to use as they wish.

Get in touch

For more information on what we do or how your child can become a Wonderwood Explorer just give us a call on
01252 763116 or email team@wonderwoodexplorers.co.uk.

Wonderwood Explorers

Wonderwood Explorers
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