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We are so excited to say that in Spring 2019 we are launching children’s seasonal activity boxes.

I love nothing more than being outside with children, showing them new things, creating space for them to play, grow, develop and learn. I have so much fun learning along side them and also learning from them.

The idea for these boxes came about for a few reasons:

  • Over the last 18 months myself and my mum Jill (who runs the clubs with me and is an ex teacher and head) have been reaching, creating and testing out hundreds of nature activities, games and crafts for our forest school clubs and we were a little sad we could not share them with more people.
  • Forests Schools are not available for everyone
  • And as a mum of a two year old i know how hard it is to keep coming up with new things. When my daughter was one i was hit with the realisation that i had to teach her things as well as keeping her feed and alive. It’s a big job.


I am not on a mission to tell parents why they should be getting there children outside (although i might mention the benefits from time to time), we all want out kids to be outside more having fun.

I’m on a mission to make that as easy and fun as possible for your child and the whole family.

Myself and my mum have been working really hard planning the spring box and we are so pleased with it. With my background in children’s play and a level 3 forest school qualification and Mums as a primary school teacher, we have created a fantastic mix of activities for children…. and their grown ups, because as I said this box is also about family time and getting everyone outside enjoying nature.


Firstly you should know for this first Spring edition we are only creating 24 boxes, and 4 of these have already been reserved. So if you fancy once let me know.

They are aimed at children 2-6 years old and I will be sending them out for delivery on the first week of March.

Inside the spring box you will get 6 nature actives:

  • a colour hunt with paints
  • leaf threading
  • blossom play creation
  • easter craft and games
  • spring crown and cuff
  • homemade playdough with activities

As well as all these you will have your own family spring calendar to help you plan when to do each one, see special spring dates and plot in some other spring exploring from a inspiration list I will provide.  Not only that, you will have a spring spotter sheet to work though and a surprise gift for your child that will really open their eyes to nature.

 that’s 8+ hours of activities for spring

The seasonal boxes will be selling at £45 from summer on wards (with a discount if you subscribe to all four seasons) but for this first release the spring box will be going on sale at just £35

Less than a family outing to the cinema

£2 for every box sold will be going to Jigsaw South East. Jigsaw provides help and support to children who have lost a parent in the south east of England.

I will be sharing more on the Wonderwood Facebook page and Instagram . If you have read all of this and would like to reserve a box just pop me an email via the form below.

Until then you will find us in the woods playing around and cooking on the camp fire.

*Does a very excited and happy dance

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